Find your perfect match – which superyacht is for you?

From berth to ballast, deck to draft, there’s plenty of difference between superyachts. That’s not even taking into account the size of the bar or the width of the helipad. Finding the superyacht that’s right for your next journey is about the specs and so much more. Let’s talk details of the M.Y Beluga and M.Y Flying Fish.


Luxury versus lifestyle 

If you’re looking for luxury, you’re looking for little touches. Aboard the M.Y. Flying Fish, that’s in the form of rich mahogany, Yamaha speakers, a spa bath, even marble finishes. Following a two million dollar renovation, the M.Y. Flying Fish is decadence done right. On the other hand, if space to spread out is your biggest luxury, the M.Y. Beluga fits the bill. With five guest rooms, a dining room, main salon, and a sun deck with its own six person jacuzzi, there’s ample elbow room. 


Size of the boat

Looking for scale at sea? The M.Y. Beluga sits at 34.7 metres in length and has four decks to spread out across. That’s a spacious configuration for just 10 guests. If you’re looking for comfort that’s cosy, the M.Y. Flying Fish clocks in a little shorter at 32 metres length, with three decks. There’s still ample room for eight guests, with four cabins on board. 


Cruising distance

It’s the journey not the destination for many of us. Looking to use your superyacht as a base to slingshot around your latest destination? The M.Y. Beluga is technically an expedition yacht so it can carry you a hefty 4,000Nm. Now, if you’re more in mind to take a few day trips, the M.Y. Flying Fish tackles a more conservative 1,250Nm. As superyachts, both will go the distance. 


Bells and whistles 

What’s a superyacht without some toys? Reef fishing gear, floating lilypads, scuba diving sets, snorkels, inflatable toys, and water skis are just a few of the items you’ll find tucked away on board the Morris Nautical superyachts. The M.Y. Beluga also has two tenders to keep you swift in your shore visits, dive encounters and fishing expeditions, and the M.Y. Flying Fish can supercharge your transfers via its helipad. 

luxury yacht tours great barrier reef

Whatever way you prefer to sail, there’s a superyacht to suit. Learn more about Morris Nautical superyachts here.

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