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Enjoy a year-round cruising calendar and the ultimate superyacht playgrounds of the Great Barrier Reef and The Mediterranean. Whether you’re after an iconic destination basked in sunshine, stunning coral gardens, secluded white beaches and laid-back Aussie charm, or untouched natural beauty, hidden coves and majestic cultural ports, the ocean is just waiting to be explored.

Luxury Yacht Charters Queensland

Lizard Island

A National Park covering 1000 hectares and home to some wildly spectacular birdlife, Lizard Island is a secluded paradise with 24 beaches just waiting to be explored. Moor at Lizard Island and discover surrounding slices of paradise like the famous Clam Gardens and Mermaid Cove and Horseshoe Reefs which are bursting with colorful marine life and giant turtles. After your day of snorkelling and exploring the wonders that surround Lizard, you can head onto dry land for some bush walks or even hike to the topmost area of the island, following the footsteps of renowned explorer James Cook. Finish out the day with a picturesque BBQ on the beach, followed by a cocktail at golden hour overlooking the enchanting views that Watsons Bay provides.

Luxury Yacht Charters Queensland

Ribbon Reef

Our favourite locales in the Ribbon Reef include Pixie Pinnacle, Challenger Bay, the Clam Gardens, Lighthouse Bommie, Steve’s Bommie, Temple of the Doom, and Dynamite Pass. Situated on the outer coastline of the reef, some of these reef systems are rarely visited and therefore are incredibly pristine and untouched. Low coral gardens, vast plate corals, and remote pinnacles masked in curtains of fish are the wonders you will witness. Ribbon Reef #3 is home to a couple of fantastic dive sites and friendly Minkie whales. Steve’s Bommie is renowned for reef sharks, rays, and schools of trevally. The Temple of the Doom is known for its shark sightings, hence the name. Between Ribbon Reef #9 and #10 lives some wildly enchanting dive sights and idyllic spots to snorkel. Pixie Pinnacle, Pixie Gardens are reefs in which their name speaks for itself. Lighthouse Bommie is another spot to catch those Minkie whales, while Challenger Bay is tremendous for a night dive. The famous Cod Hole boasts huge but friendly potato cods, while Dynamite Dive is great for a drift dive.

Luxury Yacht Charters Queensland

Low Isles

The Low Isles sit 15km northeast of Port Douglas and are surrounded by 55 acres of reef. A short cruise from Port Douglas, you can spot clownfish and friendly turtles throughout this untouched and unspoiled tropical jewel. Swimming in vast amounts of corals and huge diversities of reef life are schools of angelfish, damselfish, anemonefish, rabbitfish, moon wrasse, bright green and purple parrotfish, clownfish, and many more.

Moor at Coral Cay and explore its historic heritage-listed lighthouse that’s been operating since 1887 and was the first in Queensland to have porthole windows. Furthermore, learn more about James Cook’s explorations in the museum that has also been in operation since 1878. Woody Island is a perfect place to snorkel as it’s a protected area and has managed to remain in its natural environment and promotes the studies of Indigenous flora and fauna. Home to only native plants, wild birdlife, and natural ecosystems, Woody Island is a rare treasure. Woody is known for its natural conservation and is a vital habitat for many species.

Snorkelling Spots Queensland

Walker Reef

Walker Reef is best described in two parts. Known for its ‘Crevice Wall’ and swim-throughs, the reef makes for a great introductory dive site. The ‘Crevice Wall’ boasts a 14m scaling of multiple openings for divers to explore. Visitors to this exceptional site will find exotic fish hiding in the safety of the crevices including red bass, spotted sweetlip, coral trout, and barramundi cod, and red emperor. The other alluring part of Walker Reef is the series of swim-throughs on a group of bommies off the main reef wall, they start at 18m and gradually shallow towards the edge of the reef. Here you can find schooling fusiliers, white tip reef sharks, grey reef sharks, anemones, parrot fish, turtles, batfish, damsel fish, and moray eels are just a few of the beautiful species that visit the Walker Reef.

Luxury Yacht Charters Queensland

Curacao Island

Curacao Island is famed for both its East and North-West locales. Its Eastern side being dominated by plate corals of all colours, shapes and sizes and its North-West for its large sloping wall and being home to arguably the biggest diversity of corals of all the inner sites. In all its glory, Curacao Island is home to an abundance of beauty and biodiversity waiting to be explored. A collection of large sea whips, fans, barrel sponges, enormous patches of spaghetti coral, plates, staghorn boulder and brain corals cover the secluded section of the North-West Bay, while the Eastern Side is ruled by large boulder corals and stunning fish species including parrot, trout, butterfly, angel and surgeon fish. With so much to discover and an incredible uniqueness that complements it, Curacao’s fringing reefs are full of diverse and incredible sea life.

Luxury Yacht Charters Queensland

Daintree Rainforest

Believed to be over 180 million years old and the oldest tropical lowland rainforest on Earth, the Daintree is a rare jewel in the crown of Mother Nature. The unique climate and history of the Daintree Rainforest has resulted in the highest concentration of endangered plant and animal species that are rare or threatened by extinction than anywhere else in the world. Meander along rainforest-lined boardwalks, glimpse a southern cassowary and its chicks, be dwarfed by ferns, cruise the Daintree River for prehistoric crocodiles, reconnect with Mother Nature whilst discovering her distinct landscapes and diverse flora and fauna and stumble upon secret swimming holes. Where lush tropical rainforest meets sweeping white sand beaches and fringing coral reefs, this region is a magical place to moor for the night.

Snorkelling Spots Queensland

Hinchinbrook Island

Explore Australia’s largest island National Park by tender boat from the M.Y. Flying Fish. A kaleidoscope of colours and landscapes, Hinchinbrook Island showcases rugged mountains, meandering creeks pristine rainforests, secret waterfalls, natural infinity pools, white beaches and mangrove-line estuaries. Highlights of this experience include guided walks along rainforest-clad trails to the famous Zoe Waterfall and saltwater crocodile spotting in the island’s waterways. If you want to walk on the wild side, consider hiking a section of the Thorsborne Trail, an epic 32km hike considered one of the best hiking experiences in the world! The perfect day trip for nature lovers and adventurers alike.

Snorkelling Spots Queensland

John Brewer Reef

The John Brewer Reef ‘Coral Greenhouse’ is located in the heart of the Greater Barrier Reef Marine Park and is the largest Museum of Under Water installation, sharing a message of reef conservation and restoration. It is the first-ever underwater building created by artist Jason deCaires Taylor. Weighing more than 58 tonnes, the ‘Coral Greenhouse’ is filled with and surrounded by 20 “reef guardians” who are caring for the coral. The MOUA offers a contemporary platform to share the stories of the reef, and the culture of its First Nations people, as well as spark a meaningful conversation and solution to reef conservation. Guest can dive impressive installation when in the local waters.

Snorkelling Spots Queensland

Orpheus Island

Uncover a secluded Great Barrier Reef island that offers pristine coastlines and a tranquil tropical escape. Located a 4.5 hour steam from Townsville, Orpheus Island is renowned for its exclusivity, beauty, and spectacular fringing reefs. The majority of the island is comprised of pristine National Park set amongst the turquoise waters of the World Heritage-listed Great Barrier Reef. This idyllic island provides unrivalled access to the untouched Great Barrier Reef. Its principal dive sites boat 1100 of the 1500 species of fish on the reef; the local waters are a fisherman’s playground and home to the most sought-after reef fish species in the world. At sunset, take in the pastel sky with a sundowner in hand.

Snorkelling Spots Queensland

Magnetic Island

Snorkel or dive some of the most beautiful and captivating tropical waters in Australia at Magnetic Island. Home to 23 bays and golden beaches there is a vast amount to explore while moored at Magnetic Island. From Florence, Alma & Arthur Bays to the enchanting coral trails around Nelly and Geoffrey Bay, Magnetic Island is renowned for its vibrant fringing reefs. Take a hike to stunning views amongst eucalyptus woodlands, steeped in military history or secluded bays on more than 20km of walking trails. A haven for uniquely Australian wildlife, spot rock wallabies, vibrant birds, and Northern Australia’s largest colony of koalas living in the wild. For the golfers, hit the island’s golf course for a few holes.

Snorkelling Spots Queensland

Palm Island

Located 65km north-west of Townsville, Great Palm Island is the largest island in the Palm Island Group. The contemporary Aboriginal name for Palm Islanders is the ‘Bwgcolman people’ (pronounced Bwook-a-mun), which means ‘many tribes – one people.’ Flourishing with steep forested mountains rising to a peak of 548m, clear waters, small bays, sandy beaches, excellent fishing and pristine coral reefs, Palm Island is the perfect spot for those cultural enthusiasts and nature devotees.

Snorkelling Spots Queensland

Dunk Island

A nature lover’s paradise, Dunk Island covers an area of 1,000 hectares, three-quarters of which is National Park. Just four kilometres off the coast of Mission Beach,  and known to the Indigenous people as “the island of peace and plenty,” this hidden gem offers a unique landscape of tropical rainforest, rocky shores, hilly terrain and secluded beaches. From the wildlife and reptiles that call the island home, to the many arrays of sea corals and marine life, Dunk offers a diverse range of experiences including a well-earned hike to the Mount Kootaloo summit for panoramic views over the Family Islands, snorkelling at Muggy Muggy Beach in search of turtles, tropical reef fish and dugongs, and a nearby coral cay known as Beaver Reef & Beaver Cay with wonderful coral gardens in depths from 12 metres to 22 metres

Snorkelling Spots Queensland

Fantome Island

Venture just 20 minutes from Orpheus and you’ll stumble upon Fantome Island. A stunning shallow bay with crystal clear water, a sandy bottom and beautiful coral garden with a good variety of hard corals including large plates, boulders, and staghorn. With a max depth of 10m and little to no current, this is a great spot for beginners or a refresher dive.

Expect to see shoals of tropical reef fish including large bat, angel, damsel, and parrot fish. White tip reef sharks, turtles and stingrays are also sometimes spotted in the waters surrounding Fantome Island, with manta rays common in the winter months.

Snorkelling Spots Queensland

Pelorus Island

Head to Pelorus Island to view the incredible array of sea whips, fans and other soft corals side by side with big boulder and plate corals; this unique dive site really gives divers the best of both worlds. Pelorus Island is full of surprises as the changing current brings new marine life on a daily basis. Leopard rays, guitar sharks, turtles and even mantas rays in the winter time, have all been seen among plenty of colourful tropical reef fish.

With a max depth of 18m, a dive around the top corner of Pelorus Island can be perfect for advanced drift divers or a gentler option for an introduction dive depending on the tides.

Snorkelling Spots Queensland

Bramble Bommie

Bramble Bommie is one of the most spectacular coral sites on the Great Barrier Reef and a favourite with our dive instructors. This large pinnacle starts at 5-7m on the top and has amazingly healthy coral coverage down to 25m where it flattens out to a sandy bottom.

With an abundance of marine life, it’s not uncommon to find yourself surrounded by a large school of silvery fusiliers, face to face with a curious white tip reef shark or floating past the many anemones and colourful tropical reef fish around this site.

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