Morris Nautical offers guests unparalleled luxury yacht charters of the Great Barrier Reef and beyond. With a highly experienced crew and first class facilities, your destination is limited only by your imagination.

Offering private charters for exclusive day events (up to 12 ex Port Douglas) or tailored overnight charters (up to 10 guests), guests can cruise the pristine waters of the Great Barrier Reef waters at their leisure. Our luxury yacht charters are completely customisable to create the ultimate personalised itinerary of destinations and experiences to explore.


Captain - M.Y. Flying Fish


Growing up in New Zealand, Josh developed a love of the sea from an early age which led the way to him becoming a keen fisherman. Whilst Josh has been skippering and working as engineer on diving vessels out of Cairns for over 5 years, when he is not working at sea Josh dedicates most of his down time to mastering the art of fishing. Turning this hobby into a profession with his extensive knowledge and experience has meant Josh has been in high demand with superyachts in Far North Queensland as he doubles as an engineer and fishing guide for guests.

Whether it be river fishing, reef bottom fishing or trolling for our famous far northern game fish (all whilst ensuring the safe and efficient running of the Morris Nautical yachts), Josh has become a valuable member of the crew as an engineer and now the Captain. He also acts as a guide for guests that desire the catch of a life time or to simply source their own locally caught seafood for dinner in between exploring secluded islands and sandy beaches.


Captain - M.Y. Beluga


With 25 years of professional experience as a Captain, my career commenced aboard a sailing catamaran in the pristine waters of the Whitsundays. Throughout my extensive tenure, I have navigated vessels of considerable size, reaching up to 85 meters, across the Pacific, Atlantic, and South East Asia, exploring some of the most remote and challenging maritime destinations.

I am passionate about water sports and hold certifications as a dive master, kitesurfing instructor and surfing instructor, underscoring my commitment to providing exceptional guest experiences on charters. Throughout my professional career, I have coordinated a myriad of charters tailored to a discerning clientele, which has included esteemed celebrities and athletes. These experiences have not only refined my abilities as a captain, but have also instilled in me a steadfast commitment to providing unparalleled service, prioritising the safety, and ensuring the complete satisfaction of all individuals on board.


First Mate


Originally from Wales in the UK, Curtis moved to Australia when he was eight years old. As first mate on-board, Curtis ensures the smooth day-to-day operations of the vessel, organising and facilitating guest activities, as well as maintaining the ship’s exterior in impeccable condition.

With a meticulous eye for detail, a passion for nature, and a love of exploration and adventure, Curtis has over ten years of experience in the marine industry working as a PADI dive instructor in Indonesia and along the East Coast of Australia.

Curtis is a qualified marine biologist and ecologist specialising in tropical reef species, with Coxswain, and Master V maritime certifications. Having previously served as the president of the JCU Dive Club, he has operated and directed SCUBA diving liveaboards along the Great Barrier Reef and managed and operated the marine and activities department on Orpheus Island Lodge.

When he’s not onboard, you’ll find him freediving, fishing, sailing and rock climbing.




Originally from the West Coast of Auckland, New Zealand, Flynn’s connection to the maritime world runs deep, shaped by her parents’ involvement in a superyacht refit company instilled a life a sea for her from an early age. Flynn spent a year on a 60m luxury sailing yacht during its refit- rigging, interior and exterior. Back home, Flynn swum competitively for the Royal New Zealand Defense Force and worked as a barista before she made the move to Australia to work for Morris Nautical.

In her role as Stewardess, Flynn assumes a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of the vessel. Flynn is in charge of provisioning, interior and housekeeping as well as delivering impeccable food and beverage service, consistently meeting the highest standards. Flynn’s unwavering dedication ensures that guests receive the utmost care and attention throughout their journey.

When not on deck, Flynn loves to spend time sailing, hiking, doing yoga and exploring new places. She has a keen interest in photography and ocean conservation.




Indiah brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her role as Deck/Stewardess. With more than two years of hands on experience working on dive vessels and super yachts, she has honed her maritime skills and knowledge and this has helped Indiah excel on deck. She has worked as head stewardess on two charter yachts in the Gold Coast. Her journey into the world of high-end service commenced in 5 and 6-star day spas, where she worked as a therapist which intertwines with her skills as a stewardess.

As Deck/Stewardess, Indiah is in charge of exterior maintenance, as well as using her coxswain tickets to drive the tender. Additionally, she plays a pivotal role in interior duties such as turn downs, host duties and ensuring the impeccable service of food and beverages at the highest standards.

When she’s not on deck she’s in nature learning about her surroundings and finding fun facts and information about her pristine surroundings that she can share with guests on board to further enhance their experience.

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