The Best Spots For Snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef

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Stretching over 2,300 kilometers, the Great Barrier Reef is a remarkable site that stretches across the Queensland coastline. Snorkelling the reef is said to be one of the best experiences in the world, so why limit yourself to only seeing the reef from above? Get into the water and immerse yourself in the wonders of the region. It’s no secret that Australia’s Great Barrier Reef is an aquatic wonderland and it’s a location that everyone should aspire to explore at least once.


 Let’s take a look at some of the top snorkelling spots you can check out while exploring the reef and what you can expect when you free dive on these sites.


Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling Spot #1 – Bramble Bommie

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The Bramble Bommie might have an unusual name but it’s an awesome location to get some Great Barrier Reef snorkelling in. In fact, it’s rated as one of the most spectacular dive sites in the entire region, making it a favourite for scuba diving instructors.


The bommie is a large structure of stunning coral. It measures around 7 metres on the top near the surface and stretches out to some 25 metres as it flattens out on the bottom. The Bramble Bommie is literally teeming with sea life and divers and snorkellers alike can expect to be surrounded by schools of silvery or colourful fish. You might even get up close and personal with a white tip reef shark. These curious sharks will check you out but they don’t present a danger.


All over the reef you can expect to see anemones, possibly some turtles, eels and other interesting ocean life. You might even spot a sting ray or a dolphin.



Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling Spot #2 – Curacao Island

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There are two main features to the Curacao Island dive site, with the most intriguing regions being the east and the northeast locales.


Plate coral tends to dominate the eastern side of the reef. This unusual form of coral comes in many vibrant colours and interesting shapes. If you have an underwater camera, you’ll be able to capture some stunning images. The northeastern side of the reef contains perhaps the greatest diversity of coral formations in all of the Great Barrier Reef.


Curacao Island truly is a unique and beautiful place to snorkel and you won’t find as much biodiversity in any other location. Feast your eyes on spaghetti coral, plates, fans, barrel sponges, sea whips, staghorn boulders and brain corals. It’s a diver’s paradise and no matter where you swim and dive, you’ll be greeted by a plethora of stunning fish and other local sea life.



Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling Spot #3 – Ribbon Reef

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Ribbon Reef boasts many spectacular diving locations on the one reef, including Challenger Bay, the Clam Gardens, Pixie Pinnacle, Temple of the Doom and Dynamite Pass, to name just a few. Ribbon Reef is situated on the outer fringes of the Great Barrier Reef and remains in pristine condition due to the fact that it’s not visited as often as some other locations.


Once again, schools of silvery or colourful fish are bound to surround snorkellers and divers. You might even be lucky enough to spot a Minkie Whale, some reef sharks or schools of lightning-fast Trevally. If you’re really keen to see some sharks, then snorkel at the Temple of the Doom. For the really adventurous, you can visit Challenger Bay for a night dive, the ultimate adrenaline-pumping experience.


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Start Planning Your Great Barrier Reef Snorkelling Adventure

There are numerous locations where you can snorkel and experience the wonders of the Great Barrier Reef in all its natural wonder. The three locations mentioned in this article will be enough to get you started and they are hard to top. Book a charter with the M.Y. Flying Fish motor launch and check out Ribbon Reef for the ultimate Great Barrier Reef snorkelling adventure.


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